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Written By Real Estate Investors, Coaches & Authors Manjit Rukhra & Kevin Bowes.

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Manjit Rukhra and Kevin Bowes are authentic power houses and I've worked with them throughout their climb to monster-sized leadership. Manjit is my joint venture coach and because of him I've learned the ins and outs of real estate and went from doing no deals, taken numerous ineffective coaching programs with no results to working on my first deal and new developments. Manjit is truly a genuine executive coach and we have partnered and organized the largest real estate event and coaching company in our locale, alongside the dynamic Kevin Bowes. Kevin has taken his place as a formidable professional, public speaker and successful investor in his area. This impressive duo has accomplished some things most could only dream and have helped others build their dreams. They have collaborated and brought their minds together in their widely talked about book Flip This and have poured their hearts into it. Their results speak volumes and this book will be a game changer for aspiring and active investors you want to create wealth in the modern economy!

Valen Vergara, Award Winning Bestselling Author, President of Team Made Real Estate Inc., Game Changer Movie Guest Star

Manjit Rukhra and Kevin Bowes have put all the information together that you need to get started in real estate. This book is a great source of valuable information and real world advice to help get anyone started. Read it, apply it, and watch your life change!

Daniel Nagy, Real Estate Entrepreneur

Dynamic read with a compelling message on "how to" and "why to." This is a charismatic approach on real estate home flipping. I would also challenge anyone to read FLIP THIS for its unique directive in dispatching tools of motivation!"

Suzanne Mariani, RE/MAX Performance Realtor

FLIP THIS is an easy to follow book that breaks down how to be successful in flipping real estate. Kevin and Manjit have provided all the information necessary to transform your business and life!

Symon Honeyborne, Real Estate Developer